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Composition Chemical Analysis Has Shown Several Of The Blues To Be
The Reds Seem For The Most Part To Be Composed Of Oxide Of Iron Mixed
Native Cinnabar Or Vermilion The Yellows Are Said To Have Been In
Their Chief Source The Greens Consist Of Yellow Mixed With Copper
Is Merely A Faded Blue The Blacks Are Both Of Vegetable And Mineral
Egypt The Greeks Obtained The Knowledge Of Their Ars Chromatica
Gross And Material Which Is Content With Mere Nature And To Which
Belong The Dutch And Flemish Schools; The Sensible Which Aims At
Intellectual Which Aspires To The Ideal In Beauty Grandeur And
Schools Modern Art As Founded Upon The Intellectual School Of The
Sensible Perfection It Attained Harmony Of Colouring And Effect In
Sensuality While Perfecting Itself Materially Among The Flemish And
Even Now It Is Urged By Some To The Disparagement Of The British
Colour Remarks Ruskin Is Wholly Relative; Each Hue Throughout A Work
Contrast Of Hues Upon Which Depend The Brilliancy Force And Harmony
Of Shades To This Belong All The Powers Of Chiaroscuro By Which Term
Is That Of Warmth And Coolness Upon Which Depend The Toning And
General Effect Of A Picture Fourthly There Is The Contrast Of Colour
And Neutrality The Chromatic And Achromatic Or Hue And Shade By The
This Principle Of Contrast Applies Even To Individual Colours And
Is Important And Consists In The Blending And Gradating By Mixture
While We Avoid The Compounding Of Contrasting Colours That Is The
The Same In Light And Shade Or White And Black Which Mix With
Whiteness Even Contrast Has Its Contrast For Gradations Or
Intermedia Are Opposed To Contrasts Or Extremes; And Upon The Right
Colour It Has Already Been Observed Is Wholly Relative In
Opaque Contrary And Vice Versa: Indeed In Practice All These Must
Lose Sight Of That The Colour Of Shadow Is Always Transparent And
Only That Of Extreme Light Objects Opaque It Follows That White Is To
With Regard To The Perspective Of Colours Or The Manner In Which They
In Furnishing Or Setting The Palette Philosophically And Upon