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Find a list of articles that fall under the category ON COLOURS AND PIGMENTS INDIVIDUALLY.

All Cases Add The Property Of Being Innoxious As This However
With Regard To Colours Individually It Is A General Law Of Their
In Respect To Pigments Individually It May Be Observed That--other
Latent Colour Not Immediately Apparent Apart From The Beauty Which A
With Regard To Colour Then White In A Perfect State Should Be
Body; By Which In Other Pigments Especially Those That Are
Transparent Is Meant Tingeing Power White Besides Its Uses As A
Also Called Permanent White And Barytic White Is When Well
The Grinding Sufficient Only Of Clear Cold Jelly Of Gum Tragacanth As
Comprise And Are Known Under The Names Of:--white Lead Flake White
And Body-white Cremnitz Or Kremnitz Crems Or Krems White
London And Nottingham White Flemish White Pattison's White
Blanc D'argent Or Silver White Ceruse Dutch White French
White Venetian White Hamburgh White Kremser White Sulphate
Of Lead &c
These Are False Appellations Of A White Lead Called Also French
White It Is Brought From Paris In The Form Of Drops Is Exquisitely
Known Likewise As Kremnitz Crems Or Krems White Is A Carbonate
Krems In Austria It Is Also Called Vienna White Being Brought From
Called When Levigated Body White Is An English White Lead In The
Cadmium White
17 Pearl White
Tin White