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Find a list of articles that fall under the category ON THE PRIMARY, RED.

Of Those Pigments Would Do The Rich Yellowness Entirely Disappearing
Between Yellow And Blue; And Is Also In Like Intermediate Relation
To White And Black Or Light And Shade Hence Red Is Pre-eminent
The Secondary Orange And Its Near Relatives Scarlet &c; And With
Blue The Secondary Purple And Its Allies Crimson &c It Gives Some
Red Is The Archeus Or Principal Colour In The Tertiary Russet; Enters
Subordinately Into The Two Other Tertiaries Citrine And Olive; Goes
Semi-neutral Marrone Or Chocolate And Its Relations Puce Murrey
Browns Grays And All Broken Colours It Is Likewise The Second
Compounding Black And All Other Neutrals Into Which It Enters In The
Connexion With Yellow It Becomes Hot And Advancing; But Mixed Or
Combined With Blue Cool And Retiring It Is However More Congenial
A Blue-green; And When It Tends To Crimson Or Purple A
Being The Most Positive Of Colours And Holding The Middle Station Of
Are The Negative Powers Or Neutrals Of Colours And The Extremes Of
Lake A Term Derived From The Lac Or Lacca Of India Is The Name Of
Carmine Crimson Lake Scarlet Lake Purple Lake Chinese
Lake Florentine Lake Hamburgh Lake Roman Lake Venetian
Lake &c And Are Obtained From The Coccus Cacti An Insect Found On
May Be Said Of Chinese Lake
Applies To Roman Lake Venetian Lake And Many Others; None Of
Likewise Called Lac Lake This Is Obtained From The Lac Or Lacca Of
Small Insect--coccus Ficus--made For The Sake Of Depositing Its Ova On
Rubric Lakes Or Field's Lakes Are Derived From The Root Of Rubia
Crimson To A Delicate Rose And Are Known As Madder Carmine Field's
Carmine Pink Madder Rose Madder Madder Lake And Liquid
Rubiate Or Liquid Madder Lake
Or Field's Carmine Like That Of Cochineal Is The Richest And Deepest
The Laque De Garance Which Was Tinged With The Rouge Of Carthamus
Rose Madder Which Is Indeed Indifferently Called Rose Madder Pink
Madder Or Madder Lake Speaking Of Pink Roses Mrs Duffield Remarks
Rose Rubiate Or Liquid Madder Lake Is A Concentrated Tincture Of
Or Rouge De Mars Is An Artificial Iron Ochre Similar In Subdued Tint
Comprise Red Ochre Indian Red Light Red Venetian Red
English Red Persian Red Prussian Red Spanish Red Brown
Red Indian Ochre Scarlet Ochre Carnagione Terra Puzzoli
English Vermilion Spanish Brown Majolica Redding Ruddle
Bole Almagra Sil Atticum Terra Sinopica &c They Are Rather
Is A Native Earth; Sometimes Brown Ochre Burnt And Called Brown Red
Once Known As Persian Red Is Brought From Bengal It Is A Natural
Less Known As English Red Prussian Red And Scarlet Ochre True
Spanish Red Is An Ochre Differing Little From The Above
Or Iodine Scarlet Is An Iodide Of Mercury Having The Body And
Also Called Scarlet Chrome Is A Bright Chromate Of Lead Of An
Minium Or Saturnine Red Is An Ancient Pigment By Some Old Writers
Vermilion Is So Called From The Italian Word Vermiglio (little Worm)
Pigment The [greek: Kinnabari] Of The Greeks And The Minium--a Term
Include The Several Varieties Known As--vermilion Deep Vermilion
Pale Vermilion Scarlet Vermilion Chinese Vermilion Carmine
Vermilion Extract Of Vermilion Orange Vermilion And Field's
Orange Vermilion
Or Carmine Vermilion Partakes Of A Crimson Hue And Is Adapted
Opacity Is A Fine Tone; But It Must Be Remembered That Transparency
Antimony Red
Chica Red
Coal-tar Colours
Body Was Formerly Prepared From Indigo--in Spanish Anil Whence The
Cobalt Reds
Copper Reds
Of The Gold Coast The Cape And Natal Turacine The Name Proposed
Ferrate Of Baryta
Gold Reds
Iodine Pink
Kermes Lake
So Called From The Arabic Alkermes It Is Sometimes Spelt Cermes
Books It Is Named Vermilion In Allusion To The Insect Or Vermes
Lawson's Red
Time On A Tree Of The Common Black Spruce (abies Nigra) In The
Manganese Red
Compounds Termed Purpurates Among Them May Be Mentioned A Red
Paille De Mil
Peganum Harmala
Red Chalk
Red Precipitate
Rose Pink
Chinese Rouge And Pink Saucers Have Much Of The Qualities Of And
Rufigallic Red
Sandal Red
Silver Red
Sorgho Red
Thallium Red
Tin Pink
Ultramarine Red?
Uranium Red
Wongshy Red
Principle Under The Name Of Wongshy And Consisting Of The
Than Themselves; And Into Painters Whose Motto Is Vita Brevis Est Ars