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Find a list of articles that fall under the category ON THE PRIMARY, YELLOW.

White Chalk
Light Compounded With The Primary Red It Constitutes The Secondary
Orange As Well As Its Relatives Scarlet And Other Warm Colours
It Is The Archeus Or Prime Colour Of The Tertiary Citrine;
Called Brown And Enters Largely Into The Complex Hues Termed Buff
Primary Blue Yellow Furnishes All The Variety Of The Secondary
Green As Well As Subordinately The Tertiaries Russet And Olive
Composition Of Black
Proportions Of Thirteen Purple To Three Yellow Measured In Surface
Pigment Says The Chemical News Supplies A Desideratum Hitherto In
Extract From Mr Aaron Penley's English School Of Painting In Water
I Have Fully Tested The Qualifications Of Aureolin For The
Will Not Only Be Regarded By The Artist As A Great Boon In The
Real And Lasting Benefit To Pictorial Art In General The
Of These There Are Three Tints Deep A So-called Pale And Lemon
Cadmium Yellow {cadmium Carbonate Of Cadmium (white)
Sufficient To Make The Sulphur Bite Into The Base This Opinion
Also Called Jaune Minerale Jaune De Cologne Or Cologne Yellow
Pale Chrome And Deep Chrome Are Chromates Of Lead In Which The
Sometimes Designated Drop Gum And Variously Written Gamboge
Camboge Gamboage Cambogia Cambadium Cambogium
Gambodium Gambogium &c Is The Produce Of Several Kinds Of Trees
Is A Pigment Long Employed In India Under The Name Purree But Has Not
Also Called English And Dutch Pink Is An Absurd Name For A Stronger
Or Quercitron Yellow Is What Its Name Implies It Is Dark In
Jaune De Mars Jaune De Fer Iron Yellow &c Is An Artificially
The Name Of Giallolino And Was Variously Of A Pleasing Light Warm
Without Change In This State It Was Called Giallolino Di Fornace And
Known As Yellow Ochre Brown Ochre Roman Ochre Transparent Gold
Ochre Oxford Ochre Stone Ochre Di Palito &c Are Native
Called Also Mineral Yellow Is Found In Most Countries And Abundantly
Likewise Known As Spruce Ochre And Ocre De Rue Or More Correctly
Ru Is A Dense Deep-toned Brownish Yellow Fine In Sandy Foregrounds
Also Called King's Yellow Chinese Yellow Yellow Orpiment &c
Was Known In Ancient Times: The Romans Called It Auri Pigmentum Or
Known Likewise As Raw Sienna Earth Terra Di Sienna &c Is A
Arsenic Yellow
Called Also Mineral Yellow Has Improperly Been Classed As An
Bismuth Yellow
Copper Yellow
Gelbin's Yellow
Indium Yellow
Iodine Yellow
Iron Yellow
Madder Yellow
Described As Cory's Brown Madder
Or Masticot Is A Protoxide Of Lead Varying From The Purest And Most
Litharge Is Merely Fused Massicot Old Writers Speak Of Litharge Of
Patent Yellow
Turner's Yellow Montpellier Yellow Mineral Yellow Cassel
Yellow &c Is A Mixture Of Chloride And Oxide Of Lead Obtainable
Platinum Yellow
Thallium Yellow
Thwaites' Yellow
Turbith Mineral
Or Queen's Yellow Is A Subsulphate Of Mercury Of A Beautiful Lemon
Uranium Yellow
Yellow Carmine