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Find a list of articles that fall under the category ON THE SECONDARY, ORANGE.

Zinc-cobalt Blue
In All The Variety Of Its Hues Composed Of Yellow And Red A True Or
Yellow When Orange Inclines To Red It Takes The Names Of Scarlet
Poppy &c: In Gold Colour &c It Leans Towards Yellow Combined
With Green It Forms The Tertiary Citrine And With Purple The Tertiary
Russet: It Also Furnishes A Series Of Warm Semi-neutral Colours With
Pre-eminently A Warm Colour Being The Equal Contrast Of Or Antagonist
To Blue To Which The Attribute Of Coolness Peculiarly Belongs It Is
Or Burnt Terra Di Sienna Is Calcined Raw Sienna Of A Rich
Firm Line--not Wash--of Carmine (of Madder Preferable--ed) Passed
Orange Chrome Or Orange Chromate Of Lead Is A Sub-chromate Of Lead
Orange De Mars Is A Subdued Orange Of The Burnt Sienna Class But
A Mixture Will Slowly But Surely Lose The Colour For Which It Was
Compounded And Be As A Mixture Semi-stable Or Fugitive
Or Penley's Neutral Orange Is A Permanent Compound Pigment Composed
Drive The Colour Too Bare Ie Never To Empty The Brush Too Closely
Called Also Spanish Ochre Is A Very Bright Yellow Or Roman Ochre
Of The Bixa Orellana And Appears Generally To Contain Two Colouring
Bixine Is A Purified Extract Of Anotta Made In France And Used By
Antimony Orange
Chromate Of Mercury
Gamboge Orange
Laque Minerale
Madder Orange
Orange Lead
Peculiar Red Mineral Orange
Orange Orpiment
And An Artificial Of Which The Former Is The Sandarac Of The
Thallium Orange
Very Slight Solubility In Water Would Be A Fatal Objection; And
Uranium Orange