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Olive Terre Verte
The Term Brown Then Denotes Rightly A Warm Broken Colour Of Which
Yellow Is A Chief Constituent: Hence Brown Is In Some Measure To Shade
Primary Yellow The Secondary Orange Or The Tertiary Citrine With
A Black The General Contrast Or Harmonizing Colour Of Such Compounds
Asphalt Bitumen Mineral Pitch Jew's Pitch Antwerp Brown
Liquid Asphaltum &c Is A Sort Of Mineral Pitch Or Tar Which Rising
It Is Common To Call The Solution In Turpentine Asphaltum And The
Mixture With Drying-oil Bitumen: The Latter Is Likewise Known As
Antwerp Brown A Preparation For The Use Of Water-colour Artists Is
Employed Under The Name Of Liquid Asphaltum
And Ivory Brown Are Obtained By Roasting Bone And Ivory Until By
Artificially The Old Italians Called It Falsalo
Or Cappagh Brown Is Likewise A Colour Peculiar To Oil It Is A
But Run Under The Names Of Euchrome And Mineral Brown They Have
Terre De Cassel Or Corruptly Castle Earth Is Specially An Oil
Incorrectly Called Cullen's Earth Is A Native Bituminous Earth
Known As Liquid Prout's Brown Has Been Extensively Employed This
Mummy Brown Or Egyptian Brown Is A Bituminous Product Mixed With
Liquid Sepia Seppia Or Animal Aethiops Is Named After The Sepia
Cory's Yellow Madder Or Cory's Madder Is Classed Among The Browns
Cadmium Brown
Catechu Browns
Catechu Is An Extract Of The Khair Tree Or Acacia Catechu Of Bombay
Recommended For Painting If Not Too Thinly Applied
Chrome Browns
Copper Brown
French Prussian-brown
Gambogiate Of Iron
Iron Browns
Manganese Brown
Nickel Brown
Ochre Browns
Purple Brown
Rubens' Brown
Uranium Brown