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Are The Negative Powers Or Neutrals Of Colours And The Extremes Of

the scale. Moreover, as red is less nearly allied to black or shade than
to white or light, this harmony is most remarkable in the union or
opposition of white and red, and this contrast most powerful in black
and red.

As a primary and simple colour, red cannot be composed by mixture of
other colours. So much is it the instrument of beauty in nature and art
in flesh, flowers, &c., that good pigments of this genus are most
indispensable. On the whole, the palette cannot be considered so well
furnished with reds as with yellows. Especially is there wanting a
permanent transparent scarlet, a colour for which a prize of L500 has
for many years been offered by the Society of Arts.


The deep, pale, and lemon yellows which cadmium at first afforded, were
followed by an orange, which has quite recently been succeeded by a red.
This is a most vivid orange-scarlet, the red predominating, of exceeding
depth, and intense fire. It is a simple original pigment, containing no
base but cadmium, and possessing a large amount of latent colour. It is
more orange in hue than vermilion, and has the advantages of flowing and
drying well, of greater brilliancy, of retaining that brilliancy when
dry, and of considerable transparency. Hence this red is preferably
employed where opacity is to be avoided--in sunset clouds for instance.
As day declines or by artificial light, the colour approaches very
nearly to a deep pure scarlet; and the best substitute for a permanent
transparent scarlet which has yet been obtained is furnished by
admixture of cadmium red with madder carmine, or by using the latter as
a glaze. Compounded with white, the red yields a series of fine flesh
tints; and it mixes readily and safely with other colours. Without
harshness or rankness, neither injured by an impure atmosphere nor
exposure to light and air, cadmium red is eligible in every department
of art, enamel painting only excepted. In illumination, the red
contrasted by viridian will be found most beautiful and effective.
Seeing that previous to its introduction the number of bright reds, not
being crimson, nor of a crimson cast, was limited to vermilions, pure
scarlet, red chrome, and red lead, of which the first alone were
permanent, there was room on the palette for a strictly durable and
somewhat transparent pigment like cadmium red, with its many distinctive


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