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Compounded And Be As A Mixture Semi-stable Or Fugitive

It need hardly be observed that the number of permanent orange, green,
and purple hues which the artist can compound, depends mainly on the
number of permanent yellows, reds, and blues at his disposal. In mixed
orange, therefore, a selection of durable yellows and reds is of the
first importance. It should, however, be remarked that mixed orange,
more sober and less decided, is obtainable by the use of citrine and
russet; in the former of which yellow predominates, and in the latter,
red: consequently orange results when yellow is added to russet, red to
citrine, or citrine to russet.


Aureolin. Cadmium Red.
Cadmium, deep. Liquid Rubiate.
Cadmium, pale. Madder Carmine.
Lemon Yellow. Rose Madder.
Mars Yellow. Mars Red.
Naples Yellow, modern. Ochres.
Ochres. Vermilions.
Orient Yellow.
Raw Sienna.

None of these pigments react on each other, and from them can be
produced the most durable mixed orange that yellow and red will afford.


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