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Green Mitis Green &c Is A Cupric Aceto-arsenite Prepared On The

large scale by mixing arsenious acid with acetate of copper and water.
It differs from Scheele's Green, or cupric arsenite, in being lighter,
more vivid, and more opaque. Powerfully reflective of light, it is
perhaps the most durable pigment of its class, not sensibly affected by
damp nor by that amount of impure air to which pictures are usually
subject: indeed it may be ranked as permanent both in itself and when in
tint with white. It works better in water than in oil, in which latter
vehicle it dries with difficulty. Bearing the same relation to greens
generally as Pure Scarlet bears to reds, its vivid hue is almost beyond
the scale of other bright pigments, and immediately attracts the eye to
any part of a painting in which it may be employed. Too violent in
colour to be of much service, it has the effect, when properly placed,
of toning down at once, by force of contrast, all the other greens in a
picture. If discreetly used, it is occasionally of value in the drapery
of a foreground figure, where a bright green may be demanded; or in a
touch on a gaily painted boat or barge. When required, no mixture will
serve as a substitute. Compounded with aureolin, it becomes softened and
semi-transparent, yielding spring tints of extreme brilliancy and


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