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Harmonizing Contrast Of Citrine Is A Deep Purple Which May Be Seen

beautifully opposed to it in nature, when the green of summer declines.
As autumn advances, citrine tends towards its orange hues, including the
colours termed aurora, chamoise, and others before enumerated under the
head of yellow. It is the most advancing of the tertiary colours, or
nearest in relation to light; and is variously of a tender, modest,
cheering character.

To understand and relish the harmonious relations and expressive powers
of the tertiary colours, require a cultivation of perception and a
refinement of taste for which study and practice are needed. To a great
extent the colourist, like the poet, is born not made; but although he
must have an innate sense of the beautiful and the true, hard work
alone, with his head, his eyes, and his hands, will enable him to learn
and turn to account the complex beauties and relations of tertiary
colours. They are at once less definite and less generally evident, but
more delightful--more frequent in nature, though rarer in common art,
than the like relations of the secondaries and primaries. There is very
little pure colour in the world: now and then a gleam dazzles us, like a
burst of sunshine through grey mists; but as a rule, nature prefers
broken colours to absolute hues. Most pure in spring, most full in
summer, most mellow in autumn, most sober in winter, her tints and
shades of colour are always more or less interlaced, from white and the
primaries to the semi-neutral and black.

Of original citrine-coloured pigments there are only a few, unless we
include several imperfect yellows which might not improperly be called
citrines. The following are best entitled to this appellation:--


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