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Is A Native Earth; Sometimes Brown Ochre Burnt And Called Brown Red

It is less pure in hue and clear in its tints than light red, and is
best reserved for dark and vigorous shades and touches. For draperies of
a dusky red it is well suited, or even for the shadows of bright-red
drapery. In dead colouring it is very valuable. Like all ochres, it is
characterized by permanence in water, oil, crayons, and fresco; and is,
like most of them, available in enamel-painting.

Almagra, the Sil Atticum of the ancients, is a deep red ochre found in
Andalusia; as is also their Terra Sinopica or Armenian Bole, dug
originally in Cappadocia, and now found in New Jersey and elsewhere
under the name of Bloodstone.


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