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Is The Commercial Name Of Green Lakes Prepared From Sulphate Of

copper. These vary in hue and shade, have all the properties of the
common non-arsenical copper-greens, and, not being subject to change of
colour by oxygen and light, stand the weather well, and are excellent
for the use of the house-painter, &c. Having a tendency to darken and
blacken by time and foul air, they are not eligible in the nicer works
of fine art.

Another Mineral Green adopted in Germany as a substitute for the
poisonous Schweinfurt green, is composed of chromate of lead, carbonate
of copper, oxide of iron, and chalk. Valueless for the palette, it has
not the beauty of Schweinfurt green, but is recommended as being free
from arsenic. It is not, however, altogether harmless, and should not
be used in confectionery or the like.

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