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It Is True That A Mixture Of Black And White Is Of A Cool Hue Because

black is not a primary colour, but a compound of the three primary
colours in which blue predominates, a predominance which is rendered
more sensible when black is diluted with white. As to the colour of the
sky, in which light and shade are combined, that is likewise neutral,
and never blue except by contrast; thus, the more the light of the sun
partakes of a golden or orange hue, and the more parched and burnt the
earth is, the bluer appears the sky, as in Italy and all hot countries.
In England, where the sun is cooler, and a perpetual verdure reigns,
infusing blue latently into the landscape, the sky is warmer and nearer
to neutrality, partaking of a diversity of greys, which beautifully
melodize with blue as their key, and harmonize with the light and
landscape. Therefore the colour of the sky is always a contrast to the
direct and reflected light of the scene: if this light were of a rose
colour, the neutral of the sky would be converted into green, or if
purple, the sky would become yellow. Similarly would it be in all cases,
according to the laws of chromatic equivalence and contrast, as may be
often seen in the openings of coloured clouds at the rising and setting
of the sun.

In art, blue is apt to be discordant in juxtaposition with green, and
less so with purple, both which are cool colours; consequently blue

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