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Jaune De Mars Jaune De Fer Iron Yellow &c Is An Artificially

prepared iron ochre, of the nature of sienna earth. In its general
qualities it resembles the ochres, with the same eligibilities and
exceptions, but is more transparent, as well as purer, clearer, richer,
and brighter. Like them it is quite permanent. The colours of iron exist
in endless variety in nature, and are capable of the same variation by
art, from sienna yellow, through orange and red, to a species of purple,
brown, and black, among which are useful and valuable distinctions. They
were formerly introduced by the author, and have been received under the
names of Mars yellow, Mars orange, Mars red, Mars violet, and Mars
brown. All of them are brighter and purer than native ochres, and
equally stable. When carefully prepared, these pigments dry well in
proportion to their depth, are marked by a subdued richness rather than
brilliancy, and have the general habits of sienna earths and ochres.
Their faint washes possess the desirable quality of transparent

We have occasionally found Mars yellow mixed with orpiment, or chromate
of lead, for the purpose of brightening the colour.


Was a compound of lead and antimony, anciently prepared at Naples under

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