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Known As Liquid Prout's Brown Has Been Extensively Employed This

contains less fixative than the indelible ink, and is the vehicle with
which nearly all Samuel Prout's drawings were executed.


is a permanent pigment peculiar to water painting. A most beautiful
olive brown, soft and rich, it is admirably adapted for autumnal foliage
tints and the like, either alone or compounded with burnt Sienna or
cadmium orange. Transparent and clear in its washes, this is a most
serviceable colour in landscape generally.


can be produced in endless variety, either by adding a warm colour to
black, such as yellow, orange, or citrine, or else by combining the
three primaries, secondaries, or tertiaries in suitable proportions. By
consulting the lists given of permanent pigments belonging to those
classes, and by referring to the chapter on Black, it will be seen that
no difficulty exists in obtaining durable mixed browns when required.
For example, there may be formed from the primaries, a compound of
aureolin, rose madder, and ultramarine; or from the secondaries, a
mixture of cadmium orange, viridian, and madder purple. Of course, as
with other mixed tints, the brown hue can be furnished not only by
direct compounding of the colours on the palette, but by laying one
colour over the other on the paper or canvass, or by stippling.


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