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Or Field's Carmine Like That Of Cochineal Is The Richest And Deepest

lake prepared, containing most colouring matter and least base. It
differs from the paler products chiefly in transparency and intensity,
and is the only durable carmine for painting either in water or oil; for
both which it is qualified by texture without previous grinding. In
common with the other reds of madder, its faint washes possess greater
clearness than those of cochineal. This carmine is a difficult colour to
make well, exceeding care and nicety being required to obtain the
fullest tint: hence it is apt to vary in hue according to the skill of
the manufacturer. Being expensive also, the price increasing according
to depth of colour, the lake has been the most liable to adulteration,
of all the reds of madder. Merimee states that samples were sent to him
from Berlin, under the name of "carmine madder," which evidently owed
their brightness to tincture of cochineal. It is certain that madder
lakes have been imitated on the Continent with various success by those
of lac, cochineal, and carthamus or safflower. The best we have seen is

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