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Proportions Of Thirteen Purple To Three Yellow Measured In Surface

or intensity. Being nearest to the neutral white in the natural scale of
colours, yellow accords with it in conjunction; while, of all colours,
except white, it contrasts black most powerfully. Yellow is discordant
when standing alone with orange, unsupported by other colours.

On account of the paucity of fine yellows among the ancients, we find
that in many paintings and beautiful illuminated MSS. of old, glowing
with vermilion and ultramarine, the place of yellow was supplied by
gilding. Now, certainly, no such scarcity exists; of the three primary
colours, good yellows being the most numerous. It may be observed of
yellow pigments that their colour being primary and therefore simple,
they cannot be composed by any mixture of other colours. The same remark
of course applies to pigments which are red or blue.


In these days a new pigment soon finds its level, standing or falling
according to its merits. There are too many colours already on the
palette for a fresh comer to have much chance, unless it possess some
great distinguishing quality, or can take a place which has never been
occupied. Such a void aureolin fills. This "magnificent yellow

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