The common marbles used by boys everywhere are called mibs, fivers, commies, migs, megs, alleys, and dubs. A very large marble is a bumbo and a very small one a peawee. Glass marbles are called crystals and those made of agate are called reals.... Read more of NAMES OF MARBLES at Games Kids Play.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Russet: It Also Furnishes A Series Of Warm Semi-neutral Colours With

black, and harmonizes in contact and variety of tints with white.

Orange is an advancing colour in painting:--in nature it is effective at
a great distance, acting powerfully on the eye, diminishing its
sensibility in accordance with the strength of the light in which it is
viewed. It is of the hue, and partakes of the vividness of sunshine, as
it likewise does of all the powers of its components, red and yellow.

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