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Subdued Blue These Are Often Beautifully Opposed In Nature Being

medial accordances or in equal relation to light, shade and other
colours, and among the most agreeable to sense.

Russet, as we have said, partakes of the relations of red, but it is a
hue moderated in every respect, and qualified for greater breadth of
display in the colouring of nature and art; less so, perhaps, than its
fellow-tertiaries in proportion as it is individually more beautiful.
The powers of beauty are ever most effective when least obtrusive; and
its presence in colour should be chiefly evident to the eye that seeks
it--not so much courting as being courted.

Of the tertiary colours, russet is the most important to the artist; and
there are many pigments classed as red, purple, &c., which are of russet
hues. But there are few true russets, and only one original pigment of
that colour is now known on the palette, to wit--


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