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Sufficient To Make The Sulphur Bite Into The Base This Opinion

indeed, extends to all metallic sulphides, and our belief is, that if
vermilions were made generally by wet processes, they would not be found
the permanent pigments they undoubtedly are.


Under this name a lemon sulphide of cadmium has lately appeared, to
which the foregoing remarks are applicable. A water colour rub on
exposure to air and light faded rapidly, no trace of yellow remaining in
the pale wash. The sample which came under our notice contained a
quantity of free sulphur.

It is to be regretted that these lemon cadmiums are fugacious, so
bright, so clear, are they, and of so pure a lemon tint can they be
obtained. But as no beauty of colour compensates for want of durability,
their place should be supplied by lemon yellow proper, or chromate of


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