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The Laque De Garance Which Was Tinged With The Rouge Of Carthamus

and was of course inferior in durability. As, however, liquid ammonia
and alkalis generally dissolve the colours of cochineal, lac, and
safflower, the test is simple. If the liquid remain uncoloured on
adding ammonia to an assumed madder lake, in all probability the pigment
is genuine.


The exquisite flowers of Bartholomew, Miss Mutrie, and others, give
evidence of the beauty, purity, and stability of the reds of madder,
both in water and oil. This variety, less intense than the preceding and
without its carmine hue, is of a rich rose colour--a true rose--tending
neither to crimson, scarlet, nor purple. Marked by a peculiar softness,
and an unusual clearness in its pale washes, rose madder affords the
most perfect carnation tints known. Not liable to change by the action
of light, impure air, or admixture with white lead and other colours, it
resembles all madder lakes in these respects. Like them, too, it is but
a tardy dryer in oil unless thoroughly edulcorated, and does not work in
water with the entire fulness and facility of cochineal pigments. When,
therefore, permanence is of no consideration, the latter may still be
preferred. In those works, however, where the hues and tints of nature
are to be imitated with stability and pure effect, the rose colours of
madder are become indispensable. They have this advantage, moreover,
that they possess the property of ultramarine of improving in hue by
time--their tendency being to their own specific prismatic red colour.
As they are too beautiful and require saddening for the general use of
the painter, the addition of manganese brown, cappagh brown, or burnt
umber, adds to their powers, and improves their drying in oils; for
which last purpose a little japanner's gold size may be likewise

In the light touches of bright clouds or mountains, where a mixture of
cadmium yellow and Chinese white is used, rose madder is invaluable for
glazing over such touches when dry, should they be required of a warmer
hue. The red portion of sunset skies may be improved by a thin wash of
this pigment, tinged perhaps with the above yellow, or with gamboge.
Most serviceable landscape tints are afforded by admixture of rose
madder with cobalt, Indian red, purple madder, yellow ochre, lamp black,
&c. In painting flesh, the lake cannot be dispensed with.


Was a weaker preparation of the preceding, paler in hue and possessing
less colour. It was formerly employed in miniature painting, but with
the decline of that art became less and less used, until it may now be
said to be obsolete. The name, however, still lives, but is applied to

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