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The Name Of Giallolino And Was Variously Of A Pleasing Light Warm

yellow tint. It was opaque and of good body, not altered by the light of
the sun, and might be used with comparative safety in oil or varnish,
under the same management as the whites of lead. Like these, however, it
was liable to change even to blackness by damp and impure air when
employed in water. Iron was also destructive of the colour of this
yellow, on which account great care was requisite, in grinding and using
it, not to touch it with the common steel palette knife, but to compound
its tints with a spatula of ivory or horn. For the same reason, it was
apt to suffer in composition with ochres, Prussian and Antwerp blues,
and other pigments of which iron was a principal or ingredient. Used
pure or with white lead it was eligible in oil, in which it worked and
dried well. It was also employed in enamel painting as it vitrified

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