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Truth Of Hue Is A Relative Quality In All Colours Except The Extreme

primaries, in the relations of which, blue, being of nearest affinity to
black or shade, has properly but one other relation, in which it
inclines to red and becomes purple-blue: it is, therefore, faulty or
false, when, tending to yellow, it becomes of a green hue. But red,
which is of equal affinity to light and shade, has two relations, by one
of which it verges upon blue and becomes a purple-red or crimson; and by
the other it leans to yellow, and becomes an orange-red or scarlet,
neither of which is individually false or discordant. Yet yellow, which
is of nearest affinity to white or light, has strictly but one true
relation, by which it inclines to red, and becomes a warm or orange
yellow, for by uniting with blue it becomes a defective green-yellow.
The best example of true yellow in a pigment, tending neither to red nor

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