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The Color Of Artificial Lights

152. In planning or matching colors for a room, it is best to consider the purpose for which the room is to be used, and match the colors under the same light conditions that will prevail in the finished room.

Deep, full colors are less affected by the shadings in artificial illuminants than lighter tones of the same color.

Illuminant. Color.
Sun (high in sky) White.
Sun (near horizon) Orange red.
Sky light Bluish white.
Electric arc (short) White.
Electric arc (long) Bluish white to violet.
Nernst lamp White.
Incandescent (normal) Yellow-white.
Incandescent (below voltage) Orange to orange-red.
Acetyline flame Nearly white.
Welsbach light Greenish white.
Gaslight (Siemens burner) Nearly white, faint yellow tinge.
Gaslight (ordinary) Yellowish white to pale orange.
Kerosene lamp Yellowish white to pale orange.
Candle Orange yellow.


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