Also In The Olive Foliage Of The Rose-tree Formed In The Individual

leaf by the ramification of purple in green. Besides the durable

yellows, reds, and blues, the following orange and green pigments are

eligible for mixed citrines. They may likewise, however, be safely and

simply compounded by slight additions, to an original brown, of that

primary or secondary tone which is requisite to give it the required



Burnt Roman Ochre. Oxide of Chromium, opaque.

Burnt Sienna. Oxide of Chromium, transparent.

Cadmium Orange. Veronese Green.

Mars Orange. Viridian.

Neutral Orange. Emerald Green.

Scheele's Green.

Terre Verte.


or Umber, is a natural ochre, chiefly composed of oxide of manganese,

oxide of iron, silica, and alumina. It is said to have been first

brought from ancient Ombria, now Spoleto, in Italy. Found in England,

and in most parts of the world, that which comes from Cyprus, under the

name of Turkish or Levant umber, is the best. Of a quiet brown-citrine

colour, semi-opaque, it dries rapidly, and injures no other good pigment

with which it may be mixed. By time it grows darker, a disadvantage

which may be obviated by compounding it with colours which pale on

exposure. For light shadow tones and delicate grays it is extremely

useful, and yields with blue most serviceable neutral greens. To mud

walls, tints for stone, wood, gray rocks, baskets, yellow sails, and

stormy seas, this citrine is suited. Some artists have painted on

grounds primed with umber, but it has penetrated through the lighter

parts of the work. Merimee states that there are several of Poussin's

pictures so painted; that fine series, "The Seven Sacraments," being

clearly among the number.

* * * * *

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