Drive The Colour Too Bare Ie Never To Empty The Brush Too Closely

but always to replenish before more is actually required. This first

wash of colour not only gives a tone to the paper, but secures the

pencil sketch from being rubbed out.

The reason why, in this compound, yellow ochre, as a yellow, is

preferred to any of the others, is, that it is a broken yellow, that is,

a yellow slightly altered by having another hue, such as red, or brown,

in its composition. It is somewhat opaque too, and hence, from this

quality, is especially adapted for distances. Brown madder also is a

subdued red, which, when in combination with the former, produces a

neutral orange, partaking of the character of soft light. As a general

rule, yellow ochre is to predominate in broad daylight, and brown madder

in that which is more sombre and imperfect: hence the pigment can be

yellowed or reddened, by the addition of one or the other. For a clear

sunset, the neutral orange must be repeated, with a preponderance of

ochre at the top, assisted by a little cadmium yellow near the sun; the

madder being added downwards.

In treating of distant mountains, a distinction is to be made between

them and the clouds, the former requiring solidity, while the latter are

only to be regarded as vapour and air. Mountains, being opaque bodies,

are acted upon by atmosphere more or less, according to their position,

their distance, and the state of the weather. To express this

distinction, recourse must be had to an under tint, except where the

tone is decidedly blue--an uncommon case. No mixture can give this with

such truth as the neutral orange. A wash, therefore, should be passed

over the mountains, with nearly all yellow in the high lights, or in the

gleams of sunshine, and, on the contrary, almost all brown madder for

the shadows. These two degrees of tone must be run into each other

while the drawing is wet. A beautiful and soft under tone will thus be

given to receive the greys.


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