Fineness Of Texture Is Produced By Extreme Grinding And Levigation

Pigments ground in water in the state of a thick paste, are miscible in

oil and dry therein firmly; and in case of utility or necessity, any

water-colour in cake, being rubbed off thick in water may be diffused in

oil, the gum acting as a medium of union between the two. Thus, pigments

which cannot otherwise be employed in oil, or varnish, may be forced

into the service and add to the resources of the oil-painter, care being

taken to use the palette-knife, if of steel, with caution.

Field's Purple Or Purple Rubiate Is The Only Durable Organic Firm Line--not Wash--of Carmine (of Madder Preferable--ed) Passed facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail