Firm Line--not Wash--of Carmine (of Madder Preferable--ed) Passed

within the outline on the shade side only of the leaf, will give to the

whole the look of a bright scarlet surface, but with an indescribable

superadded charm, that no merely flat colour can possess." In the same

branch of art, illumination, cadmium orange, opposed to viridian,

presents a most dazzling contrast, especially if relieved by purple.


belongs to the coal-tar colours, and ought strictly to have been classed

therewith. We have preferred, however, to keep it separate, because, as

Chinese Orange, it was introduced as a pigment, and has not been

employed as a dye. In colour, it somewhat resembles burnt Sienna,

enriched, reddened, brightened, and made more transparent, by admixture

with crimson lake. From its behaviour, it would seem to be composed of

yellow and red, such a compound as magenta and aniline yellow would

afford. Its pale washes are uncertain, being apt to resolve themselves

into red and yellow, of which the latter appears the most permanent;

for, on exposure to light and air, the red more or less flies, leaving

here a yellow, and there a reddish-yellow ground: in places both red and

yellow disappear. Like all fugitive colours, it is comparatively stable

when used in body; but even then it entirely loses its depth and

richness, and in a great measure its redness, becoming faded and

yellowish. In thin washes or glazing it is totally inadmissible; and,

being neither a red, an orange, nor a brown, is unsuited to pure

effects. Nevertheless, where it need not be unduly exposed; in portfolio

illuminations, for instance, the richness, subdued brilliancy, and

transparency of this pigment, justify its adoption. It is not affected

by an impure atmosphere.

Aniline colours may be adapted for oil painting by dissolving them in

the strongest alcohol, saturating the solution with Dammar resin,

filtering the tincture, and pouring the filtrate either on pure water or

solution of common salt, stirring well all the time. The water or brine

solution must be at least twenty times the bulk of the tincture. The

colour after being collected on a filter, washed, and dried, can be

ground with linseed oil, poppy oil, or oil varnishes.


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