In Furnishing Or Setting The Palette Philosophically And Upon

principle, it is necessary to supply it with pure blue, red, and yellow;

to oppose to these an orange, of a hue that will neutralise the

blue--green, of a hue that will neutralise the red--and purple, of a hue

that will neutralise the yellow; and so on to black and white, which

will neutralise each other. As in nature, the general colour of the sky

is blue, and the colour of light is always opposite to that of the sky

and shade, so the white which is to represent light should be tinged

with the orange of the palette sufficiently to neutralise the

predominant coldness of black. Pure neutral white may thus be reserved

In All The Variety Of Its Hues Composed Of Yellow And Red A True Or In Respect To Pigments Individually It May Be Observed That--other facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail