Of The Bixa Orellana And Appears Generally To Contain Two Colouring

matters, a yellow and a red, which are apt to adhere to each other and

produce orange. Anotta dissolves with difficulty in water, but readily

in alcohol and alkaline solutions, from which last it may be thrown down

as a lake by means of alum. Being, however, exceedingly fugitive and

changeable, it is not fit for painting; but is chiefly employed in

dyeing silk, and colouring varnishes and cheese. Very red cheese should

be looked upon with suspicion, for although the admixture of anotta is

in no way detrimental to health provided the drug be pure, it is

commonly adulterated with red lead and ochre. Several instances are on

record that Gloucester and other cheeses have been found contaminated

with red lead, through having been coloured with anotta containing it,

and that this contamination has produced serious consequences.

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