Once Known As Persian Red Is Brought From Bengal It Is A Natural

earth rich in peroxide of iron, of a purple russet hue and good body,

and valued when fine for the clearness and soft lakey tone of its tints.

In a crude state it is a coarse powder, full of extremely hard and

brilliant particles of a dark appearance and sometimes magnetic. It is

greatly improved by grinding and washing over, and is very permanent.

Neither light, impure air, mixture with other colours, time, nor fire,

effects any sensible change in it; but being opaque and not keeping its

place well, it is unsuited for glazing. This pigment differs

considerably in its hues, that which is most rosy being esteemed the

best, and affording the purest tints. Inferior ochres were formerly

substituted for Indian red, which procured it a variable character; but

the colour being now obtained abundantly can in general be had genuine.

It is a good drier.

Mixed with Indian ink, it furnishes useful shadows; and compounded with

cobalt or indigo, most serviceable grays. For sunsets, where deep purple

lines are louring over the horizon's brink, a mixture of French blue

with a little Indian red and lake is admirably adapted. In twilight and

stormy clouds, in sails and buildings, in shade carnations of portraits

and backgrounds, &c., the red is often employed.


Is an ochre of an orange-russet hue, chiefly valued for its tints. The

principal yellow ochres afford this colour best, and the brighter and

clearer the yellow ochre is from which it is prepared, the brighter will

the red be, and the better flesh tints will it yield with white. Light

red has the good properties common to ochres, dries capitally, and

furnishes an excellent crayon. It is much used both in figure and

landscape painting, giving fine grays with cobalt, and serviceable

compounds with yellow ochre, indigo, lamp black, rose madder, Payne's

grey, brown madder, &c.

Terra Puzzoli, a volcanic production, is a species of light red, as is

the Carnagione of the Italians.


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