Only That Of Extreme Light Objects Opaque It Follows That White Is To

be kept as much as possible out of shadow, and black, for the same

reason, out of colour. In their stead, whenever it is necessary to

cover, opaque tints may be employed, glazed over with transparent

colours. Such practice would also be more favourable to durability of

the tones of pictures, than the shades and tints produced with black and

white. The hues and shadows of nature are in no ordinary case either

black or white, which, except as local colours, are always poor and

frigid. The perfection of colouring is to combine harmony with

brilliancy, unity with variety, and freshness with force, without

violating the laws of nature.

Once Known As Persian Red Is Brought From Bengal It Is A Natural Opacity Is A Fine Tone; But It Must Be Remembered That Transparency facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail