Or Carmine Vermilion Partakes Of A Crimson Hue And Is Adapted

mixed with white, for the rose and lilac-tints of some complexions. Like

other vermilions, however, the colour needs much nicety of management;

and it must not be attempted to further enrich it by admixture of

cochineal lakes. Those colours, as we have remarked, cannot safely be

brought into contact with vermilion, either compounded or as a glaze.

The reds of madder should be substituted for them.


A somewhat curious name for a metallic colour, was a peculiar

preparation of the author, possessing in its time certain advantages

over other vermilions, and especially distinguished by a more scarlet

hue. Now, however, extract of vermilion and scarlet vermilion are

synonymous terms.


Is rather more transparent than ordinary vermilion, with a clear but not

bright orange hue. It also washes better, and is for landscape purposes

more generally useful. Resembling red-lead in appearance, it is not

subject to its changes, being perfectly durable in oil and water. A most

powerful tinger of white, its tints are warmer than red-lead's,

affording delicate carnations similar to those of Titian and Rubens.

This pigment--or, preferably, the succeeding variety--may be employed

with excellent results in scumbling of flesh, for which Sir Joshua

Reynolds improperly used the so-called red orpiment. It dries in simple

linseed oil, but works with best effect in water with a considerable

portion of gum. In speaking of sunset and sunrise clouds, Mr. Penley

observes--"Orange vermilion if used so thin as to get rid of its

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