Or French Blue Is A Rich Deep Colour But Less Transparent And Vivid

than the preceding variety, which is preferable in unmixed tints. For

compound hues, French blue is sufficiently well adapted, and is

extremely useful. With aureolin and burnt Sienna, or Vandyke brown, it

affords valuable autumn greens; and with lamp black, or lamp black and

light red, good stormy clouds. A sombre gray for distant mountains is

furnished by French blue and madder brown, with a very little gamboge;

and a deep purple for sunsets, by the blue and purple madder, or Indian

red and rose madder. With cadmium and orient yellows, sepia, viridian,

and many other colours, this ultramarine is of service.


Is confined to water-colour painting, and is an artificial ultramarine,

holding a middle position between French blue and permanent blue, being

less deep than the one and less pale than the other. It may be said to

hover in tint between a rich ultramarine and cobalt.


Is a pale ultramarine, with a cobalt hue; and, in spite of its name,

less permanence than belongs to the richer and deeper sorts. What

Antwerp blue is to Prussian blue, this is to French blue--that is, as

regards colour. With respect to durability, however, permanent and

Antwerp blues cannot be compared; the former being a weakened variety of

a stable, and the latter a weakened variety of a semi-fugitive, pigment.

Hence permanent blue justifies its name, although that name would be

more suited to the brilliant, or French, ultramarine.


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