Orange Chrome Or Orange Chromate Of Lead Is A Sub-chromate Of Lead

of an orange-yellow colour, produced by the action of an alkali on

chrome yellow. Like all the chromates of lead, it is characterized by

power and brilliancy; but also by a rankness of tone, a want of

permanence, and a tendency to injure organic pigments. By reason of its

lead base it is subject to alteration by impure air, but is on the whole

preferable to the chrome yellows, being liable in a somewhat less degree

to their changes and affinities. As, however, a colour has no business

to be used if a better can be procured, the recent introduction of

cadmium orange renders all risk unnecessary.


Orange As Well As Its Relatives Scarlet And Other Warm Colours Orange De Mars Is A Subdued Orange Of The Burnt Sienna Class But facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail