Rose Rubiate Or Liquid Madder Lake Is A Concentrated Tincture Of

madder of the most beautiful and perfect rose colour and transparency.

It is used as a water colour only in its simple state, diluted with

water, and with or without gum. In oil it dries by acting as a

siccative. Mixed or ground with all other madder colours, with or

without gum, it forms combinations which work freely in water, and

produce the most charming and stable effects. The rubiate also furnishes

a fine red ink, and is a durable stain for printing on cotton, &c. To

the tinting of maps and charts permanently, it is peculiarly suited.


Rose Madder Which Is Indeed Indifferently Called Rose Madder Pink Royal Blue Dumont's Blue Saxon Blue Thenard's Blue facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail