Rufigallic Red

When a duly proportioned mixture of gallic acid and oil of vitriol is

carefully and gradually heated to 140 deg., a viscid wine-red liquid

results. If this be poured into cold water, after cooling, a heavy

brown-red granular precipitate is formed, soluble in 3333 parts of

boiling water. It dissolves in potash-ley, and to fabrics impregnated

with alum or iron mordants, imparts the same shades of colour as madder;

the colours so produced withstanding soap but not chlorine.

Whether brilliant lakes could be obtained from the potash solution of

the red, and whether those reds would be stable, it might be worth while

to ascertain.

Rubens' Brown Sandal Red facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail