Time On A Tree Of The Common Black Spruce (abies Nigra) In The

neighbourhood of Kingston. Having been but recently observed, a

sufficient quantity had not been obtained for a complete series of

experiments as to its nature and uses; but the habits of the insect, as

well as the properties of the dye, seemed to indicate that it might

become of practical importance. In colour it closely resembled ordinary

cochineal, but was rather more scarlet in hue. It was described as

capable of being produced in temperate countries. The colouring matter

had not then been thrown upon a base, nor do we know that it has since

been introduced as a pigment. If it possessed greater stability than

cochineal, with equal brilliancy and depth, this dye might form one of

those colours of the future, to whose possible sources we would direct


Thus Russet And Olive Compose Or Unite In Dark Purple; Citrine And To Blue To Which The Attribute Of Coolness Peculiarly Belongs It Is facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail