Or Quercitron Yellow Is What Its Name Implies It Is Dark In


substance, in grains of a glossy fracture, perfectly transparent, and

when ground is of a beautiful yellow colour. In painting it follows, and

adds richness and depth to, gamboge in water, and goes well into

varnish; but any lead used in rendering oils siccative, browns it, and

for the same reason it is useless in tints.


Or chromate of baryta, is exceedingly difficult to
make well. Upon the

mode of manufacture depend not only the beauty of the colour but its

stability. If properly and carefully prepared, it is of a vivid lemon

tint, deep or pale, very clear, very pure and permanent. It also washes

well, and is entirely free from the slightest tinge of orange. This may

be pronounced the only chromate which possesses durability, not being

liable to change by damp or foul air, by the action of light or the

steel palette-knife, or by mixture with white lead and other pigments,

either in water or oil, in both of which it works pleasantly. Lemon

yellow is chiefly adapted to points of high light, and has a peculiarly

happy effect when glazed over greens in both modes of painting. In water

it exceeds gamboge in brightness, and compounded therewith improves its

beauty. This mixture also goes readily into oil; indeed it is the best

and easiest way of rendering gamboge diffusible as an oil colour--simple

emulsion of the gamboge in a little water, and trituration of the lemon

yellow therewith, being all that is requisite for the purpose.

Lemon yellow has not much power, and is semi-opaque. In distance, its

light wash is used with great effect for cool sunny greens, for which a

minute quantity of emerald green may be added to it. Being uninjured by

lime, the colour is eligible in fresco and crayons.