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Subordinates For Orange And Purple Being The Immediate Constituents

of russet, and red being a component part of each of those colours, it
follows that red enters doubly into russet, while yellow and blue appear
but once therein. The proportions of its middle hue are eight blue, ten
red, and three yellow, of equal intensities. Thus composed, russet takes
the relations and powers of a subdued red; and many pigments and dyes of
the latter denomination are strictly of the class of russet colours. In
fact, nominal distinction of colours is only relative; the gradation
from hue to hue, as from tint to tint, and shade to shade, being of such
unlimited extent, that it is impossible to pronounce absolutely where
one hue, tint, or shade ends, and another begins.

The harmonizing, neutralizing, or contrasting colour of russet, is a

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