X's Process 1865 Secrets Of The Uranotype

Preparation of the Uranium Compound.--Precipitate the nitrate of uranium

from its solution by concentrated liquid ammonia. Let settle the

precipitate, decant, and wash in several changes of water. Dissolve it by

heat in pure nitric acid, taking care not to add an excess of acid. The

ammonio-nitrate of uranium salt is then crystallized and dried. Mix a

solution of 6 drams of this salt, dissolved in 3 drams of water, to a
r /> solution of 15 grains of silver in 30 minims of water, and crystallize.

This salt is called ammonio-nitrate of uranium and silver.


Ammonio nitrate salt 3 drams

Alcohol 8 drams

Distilled water 15 drops

Nitric acid, pure 1 drop

Plain Collodion.--Dissolve in a small quantity of ether 1 dram of Canada

balsam and 1 dram of castor oil, filter and let evaporate the solution to

the consistency of oil.

Of this, add 10 minims to a collodion made of

Alcohol 10 ounces

Ether 20 ounces

Pyroxyline 220 grains


Plain collodion 12 drams

Sensitizing solution 6 drams

Nitric acid 2 or more drops

Keep this collodion in the dark, as it is quite sensitive.


Arrowroot, pulverized 1 ounce

Water 32 ounces

Solution of acetate of 10 drops


Heat to 100 deg. Fahr. and then add four ounces of albumen. The paper is

floated on this solution for five minutes and hung up to dry. The sizing

may also be applied with a sponge in the manner often described.

The proofs should be slightly over-printed and, before toning and fixing,

placed for about ten minutes in the following solution:

Distilled water 40 ounces

Acetic acid 1 ounce

Hydrochloric acid 1 ounce

After washing in several changes of water, the proofs may be toned in any

toning bath, and then fixed with sulphocyanide of potassium, washing

afterwards in the usual manner.