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I Have Fully Tested The Qualifications Of Aureolin For The
Real And Lasting Benefit To Pictorial Art In General The
Will Not Only Be Regarded By The Artist As A Great Boon In The
Arsenic Yellow
Cadmium Yellow {cadmium Carbonate Of Cadmium (white)
Chrome Browns
Elsner's Green
Antimony Orange
Antimony Red
Archil Purple
Bismuth Purple
Bismuth Yellow
Black Chalk
Black Ochre
Blue Ashes Or Mountain Blue
Blue Carmine
Blue Ochre
Blue Verditer
Bone Black
Burnt Madder
Burnt Verdigris
Cadmium Brown
Cadmium White
Cassia Fistula
Catechu Browns
Chica Marrone
Chica Red
Chocolate Lead
Chromate Of Mercury
Chrome Arseniate
Citrine Brown
Coal-tar Colours
Cobalt Green
Cobalt Marrone
Cobalt Prussian Blue
Cobalt Purples
Cobalt Reds
Coffee Black
Copper Blues
Copper Borate
Copper Brown
Copper Chrome
Copper Reds
Copper Stannate
Copper Yellow
Cotton Seed Blue
Egyptian Blue
Ferrate Of Baryta
Frankfort Black
French Prussian-brown
Gamboge Orange
Gambogiate Of Iron
Gelbin's Yellow
Gold Blue
Gold Purple
Gold Reds
Green Bice
Green Ochre
Green Ultramarine
Indium Yellow
Iodine Blue
Iodine Pink
Iodine Yellow
Iridium Blue
Iron Browns
Iron Yellow
Kermes Lake
Laque Minerale
Lawson's Red
Madder Marrone
Madder Orange
Madder Yellow
Manganese Black
Manganese Blue
Manganese Brown
Manganese Green
Manganese Red
Mars Marrone
Mineral Black
Mineral Green
Molybdenum Green
Nickel Brown
Ochre Browns
Olive Oxide Of Chromium
Olive Rinman's Green
Olive Scheele's Green
Olive Schweinfurt Green
Olive Terre Verte
Orange Lead
Orange Orpiment
Paille De Mil
Paper Black
Patent Yellow
Peach Black
Peganum Harmala
Platinum Blue
Platinum Yellow
Prussian Black
Prussian Purple
Prussiate Of Copper
Purple Black
Purple Brown
Quinine Green
Red Chalk
Red Precipitate
Roman Green
Rose Pink
Rubens' Brown
Rufigallic Red
Sandal Red
Sandal Wood Purple
Saunders Blue
Schweinfurt Blue
Silicate Of Baryta
Silver Red
Sorgho Red
Spanish Black
Thallium Orange
Thallium Red
Thallium Yellow
Thwaites' Yellow
Tin Pink
Tin Violet
Tin White
Titanium Green
Tungsten Blue
Turbith Mineral
Ultramarine Red?
Uranium Brown
Uranium Green
Uranium Orange
Uranium Red
Uranium Yellow
Vanadium Green
White Chalk
Wongshy Red
Wood-tar Blue
Yellow Carmine
Zinc Brown
Zinc Orange
Zinc-cobalt Blue
&c As Well As Of The Semi-neutral Gray &c: It Therefore Is Changed
140 Bice
17 Pearl White
A Black The General Contrast Or Harmonizing Colour Of Such Compounds
A Blue-green; And When It Tends To Crimson Or Purple A
A Coarse Gritty Texture Is Peculiar To Smalt Whether It Be The Powder
A Corrupt Name From Cendres Bleues The Original Denomination Probably
A Deep Orange Like Blue Olive Is A Retiring Colour The Most So Of
A Mixture Which Is Also Known As Brunswick Green Fine Bright Greens
A Mixture Will Slowly But Surely Lose The Colour For Which It Was
A Pure Azure Like A Spot Of Light While Their Ground The Prussian
A Sample Which Parts With Its Prussiate To Cold Water Is Quite
All Cases Add The Property Of Being Innoxious As This However
Also Called English And Dutch Pink Is An Absurd Name For A Stronger
Also Called Jaune Minerale Jaune De Cologne Or Cologne Yellow
Also Called King's Yellow Chinese Yellow Yellow Orpiment &c
Also Called Permanent White And Barytic White Is When Well
Also Called Scarlet Chrome Is A Bright Chromate Of Lead Of An
Also In The Olive Foliage Of The Rose-tree Formed In The Individual
And Air Are Of Organic Origin Such As Gallstone Indian Yellow And
And An Artificial Of Which The Former Is The Sandarac Of The
And Body-white Cremnitz Or Kremnitz Crems Or Krems White
And By Mixing Colours Or Tints With Black He Gets Shades It Is A
And Cools Blue Hence The Artist Errs With Ill Effect Who Regards
And Gray May Be Considered Types They Are So Called Because They
And Ivory Brown Are Obtained By Roasting Bone And Ivory Until By
And Neutrality The Chromatic And Achromatic Or Hue And Shade By The
And Royal Blue Of The Artist And High-class Manufacturer But The
Antwerp Brown A Preparation For The Use Of Water-colour Artists Is
Applies To Roman Lake Venetian Lake And Many Others; None Of
Are Commercially Known As Emerald Green Malachite Green Scheele's
Are The Negative Powers Or Neutrals Of Colours And The Extremes Of
Artificially The Old Italians Called It Falsalo
Artists' Colours Therefore Vitrification Does Not Impart
As A Local Colour Which Is A Technical Term For The Natural Colour
Asphalt Bitumen Mineral Pitch Jew's Pitch Antwerp Brown
Attention Notably The Permanent Transparent Yellow Called Aureolin
Beauty Commonly Comprises In The Same Pigment Delicacy Purity And
Beckmann Is Fully Convinced That The Cyanus Of Theophrastus And The
Becoming What Is Called Peroxidized May By Consequence Change Or
Being The Most Positive Of Colours And Holding The Middle Station Of
Belong The Dutch And Flemish Schools; The Sensible Which Aims At
Besides The Preceding There Is A Basic Prussian Blue Formed By
Between White And Black True Or Normal Grey Is Only Obtainable By
Between Yellow And Blue; And Is Also In Like Intermediate Relation
Bixine Is A Purified Extract Of Anotta Made In France And Used By
Black For Of Such Subdued Tones Are Those Greens By Which The More
Blackened The Cobalt Blue Greened The Genuine Ultramarine Remained
Blanc D'argent Or Silver White Ceruse Dutch White French
Blue Is Furnished By Aureolin Alluded To In The Last Chapter The
Blue Of The Washtub And Blue Sand Of The Pottery Or The Dumont's
Blue Sky Seemed By Contrast With The Ultramarine Of A Grey Or Slate
Blue The Secondary Purple And Its Allies Crimson &c It Gives Some
Body Was Formerly Prepared From Indigo--in Spanish Anil Whence The
Body; By Which In Other Pigments Especially Those That Are
Bole Almagra Sil Atticum Terra Sinopica &c They Are Rather
Books It Is Named Vermilion In Allusion To The Insect Or Vermes
Brilliancy And Absolute In Permanency Cadmium Red Next Attracts
Brilliant Ultramarine Factitious Ultramarine Guimet's
Brown Stil De Grain Citrine Lake Or Quercitron Lake Is Usually
Browns And The Cold Semi-neutral Grays Marrone Is Practically To
Browns Grays And All Broken Colours It Is Likewise The Second
But A Mixture Of Black And White; But Pure Or Neutral Black And White
But Run Under The Names Of Euchrome And Mineral Brown They Have
By Mixing His Colours With White The Artist Obtains His Tints By
Called Also Mineral Yellow Has Improperly Been Classed As An
Called Also Mineral Yellow Is Found In Most Countries And Abundantly
Called Also Spanish Ochre Is A Very Bright Yellow Or Roman Ochre
Called Brown And Enters Largely Into The Complex Hues Termed Buff
Called Green In Landscape And Invisible Green In Mechanic Painting
Called When Levigated Body White Is An English White Lead In The
Camboge Gamboage Cambogia Cambadium Cambogium
Carmine Crimson Lake Scarlet Lake Purple Lake Chinese
Carmine Pink Madder Rose Madder Madder Lake And Liquid
Catechu Is An Extract Of The Khair Tree Or Acacia Catechu Of Bombay
Charcoal Liege Or Vine Black Is A Well-burnt And Levigated
Chiefly Derived From A Genus Of Leguminous Plants Called Indigofera
Chinese Rouge And Pink Saucers Have Much Of The Qualities Of And
Citrine; While Mixed With Purple It Becomes The Other Extreme
Coeruleum Of Pliny Were A Blue Copper Earth However That May Be In
Colour Also May Comprise A Similar Series Of Hues Between The Extremes
Colour It Has Already Been Observed Is Wholly Relative In
Colour Remarks Ruskin Is Wholly Relative; Each Hue Throughout A Work
Colours Are Advancing Or Retiring In Their Quality--as Depth
Colours It Is Composed Of The Extreme Primaries Yellow And Blue
Colours It Is The Coolest As Well As The Nearest In Relation To Black
Colours With The Neutral Black Of The Various Combinations Of Black
Combined With Blue Cool And Retiring It Is However More Congenial
Composition Chemical Analysis Has Shown Several Of The Blues To Be
Composition Of Black
Compound In Infinite Shades All Of Which Are Neutral Also Or Grey
Compounded And Be As A Mixture Semi-stable Or Fugitive
Compounding Black And All Other Neutrals Into Which It Enters In The
Compounds Termed Purpurates Among Them May Be Mentioned A Red
Comprise And Are Known Under The Names Of:--white Lead Flake White
Comprise Cerulian Blue Or Coeruleum Cobalt Blue Smalt
Comprise Red Ochre Indian Red Light Red Venetian Red
Comprise The Varieties Known As French Ultramarine French Blue
Connexion With Yellow It Becomes Hot And Advancing; But Mixed Or
Constitutes In Like Manner The Tertiary Russet Of The Three Secondary
Contains Among Other Substances A Fine White Lazulite In The Musee
Contrast Of Hues Upon Which Depend The Brilliancy Force And Harmony
Cory's Yellow Madder Or Cory's Madder Is Classed Among The Browns
Crimson To A Delicate Rose And Are Known As Madder Carmine Field's
D'encouragement Of Paris Which Was Won In 1828 By M Guimet It Is
Deep Green; Or When The Russet Inclines To Orange A Gray Or
Described As Cory's Brown Madder
Desiccation Or Drying The Well-known Additions Of The Acetate Or
Distilled Verdigris Or More Properly Refined Verdigris The Best Is
Drive The Colour Too Bare Ie Never To Empty The Brush Too Closely
Egypt The Greeks Obtained The Knowledge Of Their Ars Chromatica
Employed Under The Name Of Liquid Asphaltum
Enamel Blue Vienna Blue Paris Blue Azure &c And Are
English Red Persian Red Prussian Red Spanish Red Brown
English Vermilion Spanish Brown Majolica Redding Ruddle
Even Now It Is Urged By Some To The Disparagement Of The British
Example Be In A State Which Chemists Have Termed Protoxide They Are
Extract From Mr Aaron Penley's English School Of Painting In Water
Extracted From The Bignonia Chica By Boiling Its Leaves In Water
Extremes And Greys Their Intermediates Thus Black And White Are
Ferrocyanide Of Iron &c Was Accidentally Discovered In 1710 By
Field's Purple Or Purple Rubiate Is The Only Durable Organic
Fineness Of Texture Is Produced By Extreme Grinding And Levigation
Firm Line--not Wash--of Carmine (of Madder Preferable--ed) Passed
For Artists Such Are Harding's And Macpherson's Tints Composed Of
From The Semi-neutral Gray In Not Being Coloured By Any Primary
Fugitive But We May Briefly Explain It By Saying When Vitreous
Furnishes The Blue Are Added To Brown Or Yellow Frit To Obtain A
Gambodium Gambogium &c Is The Produce Of Several Kinds Of Trees
General Effect Of A Picture Fourthly There Is The Contrast Of Colour
Green As Well As Subordinately The Tertiaries Russet And Olive
Green Mitis Green &c Is A Cupric Aceto-arsenite Prepared On The
Green Saxon Green French Green African Green Persian Green
Green Schweinfurt Green Verdigris Green Bice Green
Greens And With Red In All Purples Blue Characterizes The Tertiary
Grey Is Neutral And Is Composed Of Or Can Be Resolved Into Black And
Gross And Material Which Is Content With Mere Nature And To Which
Haerlem Blue Berlin Blue Mineral Blue Is A Lighter And
Harmonizing Contrast Of Citrine Is A Deep Purple Which May Be Seen
Have To Be Learnt For Each Pigment Has Its Own Peculiar Habitudes
Highest Order Merits Regard Orient Yellow Distinguished For Its
Hues Required To Obtain A Pure Green Which Consists Of Blue And
In All The Variety Of Its Hues Composed Of Yellow And Red A True Or
In Furnishing Or Setting The Palette Philosophically And Upon
In Respect To Pigments Individually It May Be Observed That--other
Include The Several Varieties Known As--vermilion Deep Vermilion
Incorrectly Called Cullen's Earth Is A Native Bituminous Earth
Intellectual Which Aspires To The Ideal In Beauty Grandeur And
Intermedia Are Opposed To Contrasts Or Extremes; And Upon The Right
Introduced With Caution When Hue Is Of Greater Importance Than Shade
Is A Native Earth; Sometimes Brown Ochre Burnt And Called Brown Red
Is A Pigment Long Employed In India Under The Name Purree But Has Not
Is Important And Consists In The Blending And Gradating By Mixture
Is In Reality We Grant That In Certain Objects Blue Is A Sign Of
Is Merely A Faded Blue The Blacks Are Both Of Vegetable And Mineral
Is That Of Warmth And Coolness Upon Which Depend The Toning And
Is The Commercial Name Of Green Lakes Prepared From Sulphate Of
Is Thence Sometimes Called Bladder Green When Good It Is Of A Dark
It Is Common To Call The Solution In Turpentine Asphaltum And The
It Is The Archeus Or Prime Colour Of The Tertiary Citrine;
It Is True That A Mixture Of Black And White Is Of A Cool Hue Because
Jaune De Mars Jaune De Fer Iron Yellow &c Is An Artificially
Juice Of A Plant Named Houng Hoa To Give It Brightness Of Tone
Known As Liquid Prout's Brown Has Been Extensively Employed This
Known As Yellow Ochre Brown Ochre Roman Ochre Transparent Gold
Known Likewise As Kremnitz Crems Or Krems White Is A Carbonate
Known Likewise As Raw Sienna Earth Terra Di Sienna &c Is A
Krems In Austria It Is Also Called Vienna White Being Brought From
Lake &c And Are Obtained From The Coccus Cacti An Insect Found On
Lake A Term Derived From The Lac Or Lacca Of India Is The Name Of
Lake Florentine Lake Hamburgh Lake Roman Lake Venetian
Lake Mineral Green Patent Green Mountain Green Marine
Lately Called Factitious Ultramarine Is A Specially Fine Preparation
Latent Colour Not Immediately Apparent Apart From The Beauty Which A
Lazuline Lazulite Blue And Lazurstein This Most Costly Most
Lazurium As We Are Told Is Made It Has Been Common To Confound
Leaning To Blue The Names Of Violet Lilac Mauve &c Blue Is
Leithner's Blue Hungary Blue Dutch Ultramarine Zaffre Or
Less Known As English Red Prussian Red And Scarlet Ochre True
Light Colours; Thus It Blues White Greens Yellow Purples Red
Light Compounded With The Primary Red It Constitutes The Secondary
Light Does Upon Opacity Or Reflecting Power Opacity Is Therefore
Likewise Called Lac Lake This Is Obtained From The Lac Or Lacca Of
Likewise Known As Spruce Ochre And Ocre De Rue Or More Correctly
Liquid Asphaltum &c Is A Sort Of Mineral Pitch Or Tar Which Rising
Liquid Indian Ink Is A Solution For Architects Surveyors &c
Liquid Sepia Seppia Or Animal Aethiops Is Named After The Sepia
Litharge Is Merely Fused Massicot Old Writers Speak Of Litharge Of
London And Nottingham White Flemish White Pattison's White
Lose Sight Of That The Colour Of Shadow Is Always Transparent And
Madder Or Madder Lake Speaking Of Pink Roses Mrs Duffield Remarks
Many Colours Are Apt To Change From The Action Of White Lead And Other
May Be Said Of Chinese Lake
Mineralogique Of Paris Are Two Splendid Specimens Of The Stone In
Minium Or Saturnine Red Is An Ancient Pigment By Some Old Writers
Mixing Colours With Colours He Produces Compound Colours Or Hues
Mixture With Drying-oil Bitumen: The Latter Is Likewise Known As
More Directly Of The Secondaries Purple And Green In Each Of Which
Mountains Of Kernhausen Whence It Is Sometimes Called Hungary Green
Mummy Brown Or Egyptian Brown Is A Bituminous Product Mixed With
Native Cinnabar Or Vermilion The Yellows Are Said To Have Been In
Native Ultramarine Natural Ultramarine Real Ultramarine True
Neutral Colours Are Three Only White Black And Grey According
Note Here The Difference Between Gray As Spelt With An A And Grey As
Numerous Colours Are Likewise Injured By Lime And Fire And Cannot
Ochre Oxford Ochre Stone Ochre Di Palito &c Are Native
Of Late Years In The German Coelin Known Here As Cerulian Blue And
Of Lead &c
Of Shades Between The Extremes Of Light And Dark As Each Compound
Of Shades To This Belong All The Powers Of Chiaroscuro By Which Term
Of The Bixa Orellana And Appears Generally To Contain Two Colouring
Of The Gold Coast The Cape And Natal Turacine The Name Proposed
Of These There Are Three Tints Deep A So-called Pale And Lemon
Of Those Pigments Would Do The Rich Yellowness Entirely Disappearing
Of Which Black And White Have Been Stated To Be The Opposed
Olive And Is Also The Prime Colour Or Archeus Of The Neutral Black
Olive In Dark Green; Russet And Citrine In Dark Orange The
Once Known As Persian Red Is Brought From Bengal It Is A Natural
Only That Of Extreme Light Objects Opaque It Follows That White Is To
Opacity Is A Fine Tone; But It Must Be Remembered That Transparency
Opaque Contrary And Vice Versa: Indeed In Practice All These Must
Opaque Oxide Of Chromium Green Oxide Of Chromium Chrome Oxide
Or Brun De Mars Is Either A Natural Or Artificial Ochre Containing
Or Burnt Terra Di Sienna Is Calcined Raw Sienna Of A Rich
Or Cappagh Brown Is Likewise A Colour Peculiar To Oil It Is A
Or Carmine Vermilion Partakes Of A Crimson Hue And Is Adapted
Or Coeruleum Under The Name Coelin There Has Of Late Years Been
Or Ferricyanide Of Iron Is Formed By Adding The Red Prussiate Of
Or Field's Carmine Like That Of Cochineal Is The Richest And Deepest
Or French Blue Is A Rich Deep Colour But Less Transparent And Vivid
Or French Veronese Green Is A Comparatively Recent Introduction
Or Green Earth Is A Sober Bluish Green With A Grey Cast It Is A
Or Indian Blue Was Known To The Ancients Under The Name Of Indicum
Or Iodine Scarlet Is An Iodide Of Mercury Having The Body And
Or L500 For The Production Of Artificial Ultramarine By The Societe
Or Lamblack Is A Smoke Black Being The Soot Procured By The Burning
Or Masticot Is A Protoxide Of Lead Varying From The Purest And Most
Or Mineral Grey As It Is Often Improperly Spelt Is Obtainable From
Or More Correctly Semi-neutral Tint Is A Compound Shadow Colour Of
Or Mountain Green Is Met With In Cumberland And Is Also Found In The
Or Penley's Neutral Orange Is A Permanent Compound Pigment Composed
Or Queen's Yellow Is A Subsulphate Of Mercury Of A Beautiful Lemon
Or Quercitron Yellow Is What Its Name Implies It Is Dark In
Or Rouge De Mars Is An Artificial Iron Ochre Similar In Subdued Tint
Or Swedish Green Resembles The Preceding Variety In Being A Compound
Or Viride Aeris Is Of Two Kinds Common Or Impure And Crystallized Or
Orange As Well As Its Relatives Scarlet And Other Warm Colours
Orange Chrome Or Orange Chromate Of Lead Is A Sub-chromate Of Lead
Orange De Mars Is A Subdued Orange Of The Burnt Sienna Class But
Orange For Instance Which Is Naturally An Orange Pigment And Not
Orange Russet Russet Rubiate Or Field's Russet This Is A Very
Orange Vermilion
Otherwise Called Berlin Blue Paris Blue Prussiate Of Iron
Oxide Of Manganese Which Gives The Red Hue And That Of Cobalt Which
Paint Its Colouring Matter Or Anchusin Has The Character Of A Resin
Pale Chrome And Deep Chrome Are Chromates Of Lead In Which The
Pale Vermilion Scarlet Vermilion Chinese Vermilion Carmine
Peculiar Red Mineral Orange
Pickle Green &c
Picture--that Picture Which May Meet With Foul Exhalations But Must
Pigment Says The Chemical News Supplies A Desideratum Hitherto In
Pigment The [greek: Kinnabari] Of The Greeks And The Minium--a Term
Pigments And Bases Are Subject To Deoxidation Or To A Loss Of Oxygen
Pigments Of Whose Thorough Durability There Is No Doubt Comes The
Pitch And [greek: Kallos] Ornament The Blue Is Named Pittacal
Plumbago Or Graphite Contains In Spite Of Its Name No Lead Being
Poppy &c: In Gold Colour &c It Leans Towards Yellow Combined
Pre-eminently A Warm Colour Being The Equal Contrast Of Or Antagonist
Predominates To The Eye Constitute The Negative Or Neutral Colours
Primary Blue Yellow Furnishes All The Variety Of The Secondary
Primary Colours Are Three Only Yellow Red And Blue They Are
Primary Yellow The Secondary Orange Or The Tertiary Citrine With
Principle Under The Name Of Wongshy And Consisting Of The
Produced By A Thin Wash Of Black Over White The Neutral Grey Differs
Proportions Of Thirteen Purple To Three Yellow Measured In Surface
Purple Being A Secondary Colour Composed Of Blue And Red It
Recommended For Painting If Not Too Thinly Applied
Red And Blue In The Proportions Of Five Of The Former To Eight Of
Red Indian Ochre Scarlet Ochre Carnagione Terra Puzzoli
Red Is The Archeus Or Principal Colour In The Tertiary Russet; Enters
Red On The One Hand And Of The Middle Tertiary Russet On The
Requires Its Contrast Orange In Equal Proportion Whether Of Surface
Root Of The Anchusa Tinctoria Commonly Known As Alkanet A Plant
Rose Madder Which Is Indeed Indifferently Called Rose Madder Pink
Rose Rubiate Or Liquid Madder Lake Is A Concentrated Tincture Of
Royal Blue Dumont's Blue Saxon Blue Thenard's Blue
Ru Is A Dense Deep-toned Brownish Yellow Fine In Sandy Foregrounds
Rubiate Or Liquid Madder Lake
Rubric Lakes Or Field's Lakes Are Derived From The Root Of Rubia
Russet Hues Of Autumn Foliage Where Purple And Orange Have Broken Or
Russet: It Also Furnishes A Series Of Warm Semi-neutral Colours With
Schools Modern Art As Founded Upon The Intellectual School Of The
Schweinfurt Green Vienna Green Imperial Green Brunswick
Secondaries Orange And Green Of Both Which Yellow Is A
Secondary Colours Are Three Only Orange Green And Purple
Semi-neutral Colours Belong To A Class Of Which Brown Marrone
Semi-neutral Gray Is Distinguished From The Neutral Grey Which
Semi-neutral Marrone Or Chocolate And Its Relations Puce Murrey
Sensible Perfection It Attained Harmony Of Colouring And Effect In
Sensuality While Perfecting Itself Materially Among The Flemish And
Should Be Of Some Colour--never Black Nor Approaching Black They
Small Insect--coccus Ficus--made For The Sake Of Depositing Its Ova On
So Called From The Arabic Alkermes It Is Sometimes Spelt Cermes
So On The Palette Of Nature Each Colour Is An Example Of Colouring:
Softer Texture Some Of My Friends Says Bouvier Call It Beggars'
Sometimes Called China Or Chinese Ink Is Chiefly Brought From
Sometimes Called Dewint's Green Is An Arbitrary Compound Or Mixed
Sometimes Designated Drop Gum And Variously Written Gamboge
Spanish Red Is An Ochre Differing Little From The Above
Spelt With An E The Two Names Being Occasionally Confounded Gray
Splendid Viridian A Green Nothing But Fire Will Change And No
State The Best Smalt In Lumps Appears Black Yields A Blue Powder On
Subdued Blue These Are Often Beautifully Opposed In Nature Being
Subordinately Into The Two Other Tertiaries Citrine And Olive; Goes
Subordinates For Orange And Purple Being The Immediate Constituents
Sufficient To Make The Sulphur Bite Into The Base This Opinion
Swedish Green Olympian Green Imperial Green Mitis Green
Terre De Cassel Or Corruptly Castle Earth Is Specially An Oil
Tertiary Colours Are Three Only Citrine Russet And Olive
Tertiary Olive: Hence Its Relations And Accordances Are More General
Texture And What Is Called Body In Colours; Yet Every Pigment Has Its
Than Themselves; And Into Painters Whose Motto Is Vita Brevis Est Ars
The Blue Colouring Matter Of The Lapis Lazuli A Stone Chiefly Brought
The Book; Lest His Aim Be Defeated Of Reflecting In A Moderate-sized
The Grinding Sufficient Only Of Clear Cold Jelly Of Gum Tragacanth As
The Laque De Garance Which Was Tinged With The Rouge Of Carthamus
The Name Of Giallolino And Was Variously Of A Pleasing Light Warm
The Pigments Liable To Injury From Sulphuretted Hydrogen &c Are
The Reds Seem For The Most Part To Be Composed Of Oxide Of Iron Mixed
The Same In Light And Shade Or White And Black Which Mix With
The Secondary Orange And Its Near Relatives Scarlet &c; And With
The Secondary The Tertiary And The Semi-neutral
The Semi-neutral Brown As The Extreme Primaries Blue And Yellow
The Term Brown Then Denotes Rightly A Warm Broken Colour Of Which
The Tertiary Citrine On The Side Of Shade And Less Perfectly So Of
The Third And Last Of The Primary Or Simple Colours Is Blue Which
Their Chief Source The Greens Consist Of Yellow Mixed With Copper
There Are Five Classes Of Colours Viz:--the Neutral The Primary
These Are False Appellations Of A White Lead Called Also French
This Principle Of Contrast Applies Even To Individual Colours And
Those Which Are Positive Or Definite; And The Three Colours Of Each
Thus Russet And Olive Compose Or Unite In Dark Purple; Citrine And
Time On A Tree Of The Common Black Spruce (abies Nigra) In The
To Blue To Which The Attribute Of Coolness Peculiarly Belongs It Is
To Keep In Mind--the Glow Of Sunshine And The Cool Of Shade
To The Practice Of Producing Tints And Hues By Grinding Pigments
To Which The Various Appellations Have Been Given Of Thenard's Blue
To White And Black Or Light And Shade Hence Red Is Pre-eminent
Together Instead Of Blending Them On The Palette May Be Attributed
Transparency Is An Essential Property Of All Glazing Pigments And
Transparent Is Meant Tingeing Power White Besides Its Uses As A
True Chrome Green Native Green &c Is Found Native In An Impure
Truth Of Hue Is A Relative Quality In All Colours Except The Extreme
Turner's Yellow Montpellier Yellow Mineral Yellow Cassel
Ultramarine Because It Produces By Combinations Tints Almost As Fine
Ultramarine Bleu De Garance Outremer De Guimet &c The
Ultramarine New Blue Permanent Blue Gmelin's German
Ultramarine Ultramarine Pure Ultramarine Azure Outremer
Ultramarine With The Cyanus And Coeruleum Of The Ancients; But
Under The Name Of Leitch's Blue
Uniform Colour Thus Composed Is The Citrine Colour Of Fruit And
Variety Of This Pigment Known As Native Prussian Blue; Which Is
Vehicles And Varnishes With Which They Are Mixed Many Of These Have
Verde Vessie Or Iris Green Is A Vegetal Pigment Prepared From The
Verditer Brunswick Green Vienna Green Hungary Green Green
Vermilion Extract Of Vermilion Orange Vermilion And Field's
Vermilion Is So Called From The Italian Word Vermiglio (little Worm)
Very Slight Solubility In Water Would Be A Fatal Objection; And
Vienna Blue Paris Blue Azure Cobalt-ultramarine &c Is The
Violet De Mars Purple Ochre Or Mineral Purple Is A Dark Ochre
Was Known In Ancient Times: The Romans Called It Auri Pigmentum Or
We Have Adopted The Term Marrone Or Maroon As It Is Sometimes Called
Well To All Of These Must Be Superadded Durability When Used A
Whatever The Practice Adopted Permanent Original Pigments Should Be
When Inclining To Red Purple Takes The Name Of Crimson &c; And When
While We Avoid The Compounding Of Contrasting Colours That Is The
White And Pure Black; The Grays Known To The Palette As Mineral Grey
White It Is Brought From Paris In The Form Of Drops Is Exquisitely
White Venetian White Hamburgh White Kremser White Sulphate
Whiteness Even Contrast Has Its Contrast For Gradations Or
With Cobalt Blue The Name Azure Has Sometimes Been Given To It
With Green It Forms The Tertiary Citrine And With Purple The Tertiary
With It May Be Coupled Cadmium Orange A Colour Equally Brilliant And
With Its Co-secondary Colour Green Purple Forms The Tertiary Olive;
With Regard To Colour Then White In A Perfect State Should Be
With Regard To Colours Individually It Is A General Law Of Their
With Regard To The Perspective Of Colours Or The Manner In Which They
With The Exception Of Madder Those Colours Mostly Affected By Light
Without Change In This State It Was Called Giallolino Di Fornace And
Working Well Is A Quality Which Depends Principally Upon Fineness Of
Yellow &c Is A Mixture Of Chloride And Oxide Of Lead Obtainable
Yellow Is A Chief Constituent: Hence Brown Is In Some Measure To Shade
Yellow When Orange Inclines To Red It Takes The Names Of Scarlet