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As A Local Colour Which Is A Technical Term For The Natural Colour

of an object, unvaried by distance, reflection, or anything interfering
with distinct vision; although, properly speaking, local colours are
subject to all the relations and effects of the places they occupy in a
composition--whether of light, shade, reflection, or distance.

From what we have said, it will be seen that the relations and harmony
of colours form a complex subject, requiring constant and careful study;
one, indeed, into which he who would become a colourist must enter heart
and soul. For as colouring is the beginning and end of a painter's
craft, so colour in all its aspects must be the chief lesson of his
life. And this lesson can only be learnt, by ever watching with a loving
eye those wondrous colourings of nature, in which there is nothing
inharmonious or out of place.


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