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Madder Yellow

As our (the Editor's) experience of this product is somewhat at variance
with that of the author, we subjoin his original statement. "Madder
yellow is a preparation from the madder-root. The best is of a bright
colour, resembling Indian yellow, but more powerful and transparent,
though hardly equal to it in durability of hue; metallic, terrene, and
alkaline substances acting on and reddening it as they do gamboge: even
alone it has by time a natural tendency to become orange and foxy. We
have produced it of various hues and tints, from an opaque and ochrous
yellow, to a colour the most brilliant, transparent, and deep. Upon the
whole, however, after an experience of many years, we do not consider
them eligible pigments."

While agreeing with Mr. Field as to the character given of these
yellows, we must confess that we have never been able to obtain, nor
have we ever seen, a "most brilliant" madder yellow. Colours bearing
that name have come under our notice, but if their hue was pure and
vivid, they have always proved to be falsely so called, the madder being
conspicuous by its absence. What we have succeeded in producing, and the
genuine samples we have met with, have been fawns, buffs, drabs, &c.,
decidedly "ochrous" yellows, and wanting in stability. It is certain
that no true madder yellow, brilliant and pure, ranks as a pigment at
the present day. A variety known as Cory's Yellow Madder may be briefly

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