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Furnishes The Blue Are Added To Brown Or Yellow Frit To Obtain A

velvety black glass. Similarly the dyer proceeds to dye black upon a
deep blue basis of indigo, with the ruddy colour of madder and the
yellow of quercitron, &c.

Some of the best blacks and neutrals of the painter are those formed
with colours of sufficient power and transparency upon the palette.
Prussian blue and burnt lake afford a powerful though not very durable
black; and compound blacks in which transparent pigments are employed
will generally go deeper and harmonize better with other colours than
any original black pigment alone. Hence lakes and deep blues, added to
the common blacks, greatly increase their clearness and intensity: in
mixture and glazing of the fine blacks of some old pictures, ultramarine
has evidently been used. In this view, black altogether compounded of
blue with red and yellow, each deep and transparent, and duly
subordinated according to its powers, will give the most powerful and
transparent blacks; although, like most other blacks, they dry badly in
oil. Of course, as with all compound colours, it depends entirely on the
pigments employed whether these mixed blacks are permanent or not: a
compound black can very well pass through the stages of black to grey,
gray, or dirty white, if each link in the chain of combination be not as
strong as its fellows.

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