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So On The Palette Of Nature Each Colour Is An Example Of Colouring:

no colour is too absolute or defined, no perfectly pure blue appears
beside a perfectly pure green. A blue flower nestled in its green leaves
does not offend the nicest eye, but the blue and green are not blue and
green alone. There is, perhaps, but a single gleam of pure colour in
each: the rest is composed of such varied hues and tints and shades, so
broken and blended and beautifully harmonized, that no jarring discord
is possible. Hue melts into hue, tint into tint, shade into shade; and
thus does the simplest weed teach a lesson in colouring the proudest
painter may stoop to learn.

We have spoken of blue, which is termed a cold colour, as retiring; and
of yellow and red, which are called warm colours, as advancing. By this
we must not be understood to mean that blue, as blue, expresses
distance; or that yellow and red, as yellow and red, express nearness.

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