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Sometimes Called Dewint's Green Is An Arbitrary Compound Or Mixed

green, of a fine deep olive colour and sober richness. Advisedly or not,
it is used in landscape, sketching, &c.; but only in water, olive lake
supplying its place in oil. Like many other compound pigments, it is
either permanent, semi-stable, or fugitive, according to the
constituents of which it is composed. Generally speaking, it is more
beautiful than durable, and is often decidedly fugacious, fading on
exposure. It is impossible for a writer to pronounce an absolute opinion
on the stability of all mixtures sold in a separate form, inasmuch as
the compounds of one firm may differ from those of another. We have
before expressed our dislike to such pigments, and this uncertainty with
regard to their composition serves to strengthen it. Nevertheless, as
there are exceptions to every rule, it must be admitted that the palette
possesses compounds always to be relied upon.


is in commerce exclusively an oil colour. When true, it is a lake
prepared from the green ebony, or laburnum, and is of considerable
permanence, transparency, and depth, both in water and oil; in which
latter vehicle it dries well. This variety, however, may be said to be
obsolete; having given way to a mixture, usually semi-stable, and liable
to blacken.

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