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True Chrome Green Native Green &c Is Found Native In An Impure

state as Chrome Ochre, but is always artificially prepared for artistic
use. Obtained anhydrous by dry modes, this is the only chrome oxide
available in enamelling, and is the one seen on superior porcelain. It
is a cold, sober sage green, deep-toned, opaque, and, although dull,
agreeable to the eye. Its tints with white are peculiarly delicate and
pleasing, possessing a silvery luminous quality, and giving the effect
of atmosphere. Being very dense and powerful, it must be employed with
care to avoid heaviness, and is preferably diluted with a large quantity
of white, or compounded with transparent yellow. In the hands of a
master, this gray-green furnishes lustrous hues with brown pink, Italian
pink, and Indian yellow; three beautiful but fugitive pigments, of
which the two last may be replaced by aureolin. Of this Mr. Penley
observes, "as adapted for the colouring of foliage and herbage, it is
impossible to say too much in its praise. It imparts the vividness and
freshness of nature to every colour with which it is combined;" and he
brackets oxide of chromium with aureolin as a compound hue "extremely
useful." In flat tints, the oxide sometimes does not wash well in water.


being deficient in body, is only eligible in oil. A very pale
greyish-white green in powder, it gives an agreeable yellowish green of
some depth in oil, moderately bright, but not very pure or clear.

We are acquainted with another transparent chrome oxide of far greater
beauty, brightness, purity, and clearness than the above. Of a bluish
green hue, a difficulty in getting it to mix with oil renders it at
present unavailable.


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